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What is Neuropathy? Neuropathy is a condition that results in damaged nerves in various parts of your body that lead to pain, mobility issues and general weakness. Commonly called peripheral neuropathy, the effects are most noticeable in the hands and feet, where poor blood flow causes numbness and tingling. Our doctors will take the time to find the underlying cause of your neuropathy and design a pain relief treatment plan that will work best for you, without the need for medication or surgery. You can finally get the relief you’ve been looking for and regain your quality of life.

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What Causes Neuropathy?

What Causes Neuropathy? Murrieta, CA

Neuropathy can be caused by a range of different conditions. One of the main causes is diabetes, as it commonly affects blood flow to the extremities.

Other causes of neuropathy include degenerative disc disease, misaligned vertebrae, viral and bacterial infections, hypothyroidism, physical trauma, alcoholism, toxins, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune disorders.

Some of the symptoms that are associated with peripheral neuropathy include:

  • Numbness in hands and feet
  • Tingling in hands and feet
  • Restless legs
  • Chronic pain and fatigue
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Weakness or tremors
  • Limited range of motion
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Balance problems
  • Stiff neck muscles
  • Inflammation in the knees, calves, or shoulders

Neuropathic Pain Relief

The key to treating neuropathy pain successfully is to fix the underlying cause of the problem and not just the outward symptoms. If you continually cover up the pain with painkillers, whatever is causing your numbness or pain will continue to do so. Not to mention you could develop a dangerous addiction to pain medication.

Neuropathic Pain Relief Wildomar, CA

Regenerative medicine is a natural treatment that can provide relief from neuropathy pain. The treatment consists of injections to the damaged tissue with mesenchymal cells that were collected from a donated umbilical cord after a healthy cesarean birth. These young cells are taken from the Wharton’s Jelly inside the umbilical cord and are of the highest quality and at the height of their healing potency. The mother is monitored for health and social behaviors to create the best chance of getting high-quality tissue.

Since they are so youthful, they still contain all of the essential healing elements like cytokines, exosomes, extracellular matrix, natural growth factors and proteins in optimal quantities. As we get older, these important elements start to decline, which is why healing efficiency tends to slow with age. But the young mesenchymal cells used in our regenerative medicine treatment for neuropathy will repair and regenerate your damaged tissue quickly and efficiently. And since these cells are what are known as “immune privileged” and haven’t even had the time to develop their own immune system, the chance of rejection is minimal.

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