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Knee Pain

What Causes Knee Pain? Knee pain can be caused by injuries like a torn meniscus, damaged cartilage, sprains, torn ACL, MCL tear or trauma to the kneecap. Degenerative conditions like tendonitis, runner’s knee, fibromyalgia, and osteoarthritis. If your quality of life has been negatively affected by chronic knee pain, we can help you regain mobility and find the natural pain relief you’ve been looking for.

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How To Relieve Knee Pain? Murrieta, CA

Our non-surgical treatments will help you avoid knee replacement surgery and get back doing the things you love. We will customize a treatment plan for you so you can finally get the knee pain relief you deserve.

How To Relieve Knee Pain?

Regenerative medicine is an effective, cutting-edge way to relieve knee pain that works for a range of different problems. The process we use is to collect mesenchymal cells from the Wharton’s Jelly of umbilical cords that have been donated after a healthy cesarean birth. Neither the mother nor the baby experience any discomfort during the collection process and the youthful nature of the cells makes them ideal for efficient healing.

The young cells still have all of the crucial healing factors that decline in our own cells as we age. When the exosomes, cytokines, growth factors, extracellular matrix and proteins are still at their full potency, healing is faster and more complete. The mesenchymal cells we use to treat chronic knee pain have yet to develop an immune system of their own, so there is no concern that your tissues will reject them once they are injected. Platelet-rich plasma injections are also an effective non-surgical treatment for most types of knee pain.

Arthritis in Knee

Arthritis in Knee Wildomar, CA

Regenerative cells from Wharton’s Jelly are an effective treatment for arthritis in the knee. Knee arthritis symptoms include stiffness, swelling, weather-related pain, weakness while walking or bending your knees, and in some cases severe pain that reduces mobility and affects your ability to get around normally. When regenerative cells are injected, they secrete exosomes that instruct your own cells on how to heal properly, and the repair and regeneration process is accelerated.

Runners Knee

If you have pain around your kneecap while walking, running, squatting or kneeling, you may have what is known as runner’s knee. You don’t have to be a regular runner to have this condition, and while it can be challenging to deal with, regenerative medicine can provide the relief you need to carry on with your regular activities. The key is in addressing and then treating the underlying cause of the pain, and not just masking the outward symptoms with medication.

Painful knees don’t have to result in diminished activity levels and a lower quality of life. No matter what the cause of your pain happens to be, we can create a custom treatment plan that will get to the root cause and finally get you the solution you’ve been after.

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