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How Does Regenerative Medicine Work?

Regenerative medicine refers to different medical treatments that repair, rejuvenate and replace damaged or degraded tissues and cells to restore function and reduce pain. We use regenerative cellular therapy and platelet-rich plasma at our clinic as all-natural solutions to a variety of painful conditions.

Where Does It Come From?

Where Does It Come From? Murrieta, CA

Regenerative medicine uses cells and blood from either the umbilical cord at birth or from your own body. The most common substance to gather cells from is Wharton’s Jelly. It’s this jellylike substance found on the inside of the umbilical cord. It’s filled with mesenchymal cells, which have impressive healing qualities.

After a cesarean birth, the cells are taken from the umbilical cord without harming the mother or baby. During pregnancy, the mother goes through extensive screening to ensure the highest quality cells. Since the cells are so young, they haven’t developed an immune system, which means it can be injected into anyone without causing rejection.

For platelet-rich plasma (PRP), the doctor will take a small sample of your blood and run it through a centrifuge to separate the plasma (water, salts, and proteins) from the red and white blood cells and platelets. The proteins found in the platelets are what contain the regenerative properties: growth factors, collagen, peptides, and other healing factors.

What Is It Used For?

Regenerative cells can be used to rebuild damaged tissue. When the injection is introduced to the damaged area, the cells attach themselves to the damaged tissue and secrete healing components (cytokine collagen, exosomes, extracellular matrix, and other proteins), which instructs neighboring cells how to heal properly. And since it’s a high concentration of young, healthy cells it accelerates the healing process.

What Is It Used For? Wildomar, CA

PRP injections can be used to repair damaged tissue, provide pain relief, and aesthetic treatments. The platelets removed from your blood work as a medium for the rest of the blood. These promote accelerated healing. The proteins, specifically collagen, in the platelets help rejuvenate your skin, which enables doctors to help with wrinkles and tighten your skin.

Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

There are several benefits of regenerative medicine from quick recovery time to it being considered an all-natural healing process. The greatest benefit is that it treats the root cause of the pain, not just the pain itself like medication. Since its main goal is to regenerate, it provides longer-lasting healing and reduced risk of future injuries and/or pain.

When you consider that pain is just a byproduct of a deeper issue, it becomes clear that fixing the underlying cause of the pain will remove the pain itself. Regenerative medicine has this ability, which is why it is such an effective treatment for long-term pain relief.

If you’re considering alternative treatments to medication and surgeries, regenerative medicine is the answer you’ve been looking for. It’s an all-natural treatment using our body’s own healing components. It requires very little prep time and recovery time and has longer-lasting outcomes than more standard treatments. Visit our website for more information on regenerative medicine and what is right for you.