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Alternatives To Knee Replacement Surgery

If you experience regular knee pain due to an injury or degenerative condition, you know just how limiting it can be to your daily routine. Knee replacement surgery is always an option, but a surgery is still a surgery, not to mention, knee replacements normally need to be replaced in as little as 10 years. The good news is, there is always a natural choice that will get you the relief you need without having to resort to risky surgery.

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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is an umbrella term for any treatment that replaces or regenerates human cells that have been damaged or degraded. One of the key elements in regenerative medicine is using your own healing properties to regenerate your cells. The main purpose of regenerative medicine is to get to the root cause of the pain instead of simply treating the symptoms. Medication is only a superficial, temporary fix and surgery is invasive without guaranteed results. Using the mesenchymal cells found in Wharton’s Jelly or, a jellylike substance found in the umbilical cord, is an alternative to replacement surgery that is considered safe and effective by The American Journal of Sports Medicine.

Regenerative Medicine Murrieta, CAThe cells we use for our treatments are youthful and full of healing properties like cytokines, exosomes and growth factors to speed up the healing process and treat the underlying cause of your knee pain. If you just focus on the pain itself, the root cause is never addressed and will continue to cause problems into the future.

Another regenerative treatment is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). These are injections that come from your own blood. The doctor will extract a small sample of your blood and place it in a centrifuge and separate the plasma from the platelets. He/she will then extricate the platelets and inject that into your knee. Since it’s a high concentration of platelets in one area, it accelerates the healing process, which results in pain relief.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is a noninvasive, simple procedure that uses low levels of light in the affected area. The targeted cells are then stimulated and will begin the healing and regeneration process. Because cold laser therapy uses low levels of light and encourages regeneration it gets to the root of the pain instead of just masking the pain like medication. Cold laser therapy can be used on its own or as a supplement to any other alternative to knee replacement surgery.

More and more people are looking for more alternatives to knee replacement surgery and general treatment alternatives. With today’s knowledge in medicine and easy access to information, it’s important to properly research treatments and medications prescribed to you by your doctor. You can always learn more about alternative medicine, or regenerative medicine, here.